Company Retirement Pension Plans

With a high degree of expertise we offer to our commercial clients all options for company retirement pension plans, in particular group policies.

  • We provide information on the legal/statutory framework for company retirement pension plans.
  • We find an appropriate method of establishing a company retirement pension plan
  • By means of a submission we help to select the appropriate provider.
  • We implement the company retirement pension plan and prepare a pension code, taking into account the pertinent legal provisions and making sure that liability risks for the employer are avoided.
  • We provide advice to your employees in info sessions and one-to-one conversation.
  • We take care of all administrative works. If necessary, we arrange for actuarial opinions to be prepared for you.
  • We assist you in handling the payment of benefits.
  • We provide advice regarding the safeguarding of pre-retirement working time accounts and time bank accounts in case of employer's insolvency.
  • We assist you in outsourcing pension commitments.

In addition we will be pleased to counsel you if you require insurance for business trips (overseas travel health insurance, travel baggage insurance, assistance during trips in foreign countries etc.) as well as in selecting and implementing group personal accident insurance and other personal insurance cover for your employees.

We will also be pleased to be your knowledgeable partner for your affinity business, e.g. for the implementation of group policies with special conditions for the private insurances of your employees.