There's no business without a risk.

Where production facilities operate in several shifts and where highly qualified services are provided or international transactions handled, there will not only be turnover and profit, but there will also be operational risks.

Wolf Versicherungsmakler GmbH assists companies in hedging these risks by means of holistic risk management concepts.

Risk Analysis

Our cooperation usually begins with a risk analysis. Taking into account the individual situation of our client, we examine the existing risks and exposures to find out which type of risk financing would best suit the specific needs of our client. We examine which perils definitely have to be insured against and whether an insurance is appropriate in each particular case. The principal objective of this analysis is to make sure that not too much and not too little insurance cover is purchased.

Devising your policy wording

One of our essential tasks is to frame your insurance policy. We influence the contents of policy wordings as may be appropriate for the individual needs of the respective client, and we stipulate premium rates that correspond to the risk and market situation.


We reduce the workload of our clients by relieving them from time-consuming administration work and ensuring a continuous adjustment of their insurance cover to changing risk and market situations.

Claims Settlement

This is a point to which we attach greatest importance. Swift and efficient claim settlement is a criterion for what an insurance policy is worth. We assist our clients in the settlement of their claims by supporting their position vis-a-vis the insurer, cooperating in the selection of experts and in the handling of the claim until the indemnity is paid. Our extensive experience in handling complex claims, for example in the field of products liability, is a great advantage.


As a rule the remuneration for our services is the brokerage commission which we receive from insurers, i.e. you will not incur any additional costs for your cooperation with us. Nevertheless we remain independent from the insurers at all times. Of course we are open to alternative forms of remuneration, in particular as major clients are concerned.

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