Not too much and not too little.

Insurance is a cost factor for private households. Unnecessary insurances are an unnecessary burden on private household budgets, a lack of insurance may turn out to be a major financial risk. We assist you in finding or restoring the optimal insurance portfolio.

Our services:

Risik Analysis

Private households are often inadequately insured. We help you to find out your individual needs of preparing against risks by analysing which insurance cover would be useful for you - ("to be analysis").

Portfolio Check

By checking the current state of your insurance portfolio we prepare an "as is analysis". A comparison with the risk analysis will show which insurances you may want and which may be superfluous, i.e. where an under- or overinsurance exists.

Adjustment to Changing Market Conditions

During the respective policy periods we take care that your insurance cover is always up-to-date and that the agreed conditions correspond to the market situation.

Claims Settlement

In the event of a claim we will be at your side to assist you in negotiating with the insurers until the claim is finally settled.


You will not incur any additional costs from cooperating with us. We receive our brokerage commission exclusively from the insurers, yet this does not prejudice our independence.

Special Insurance Products

We also offer consultancy in all fields of protection against risks and provision for old age, such as: